Prior to CrossFit Central I had been doing Orange Theory and Gold’s gym and just got a little bored. I joined CrossFit Central because I wanted a mix up in my workouts. It didn’t hurt that the old location was 200 yards from my apartment!

My life before CrossFit was pretty similar, I am a pretty regimented person but definitely battle some stress. I had let the stress take over and would sometimes go to food or alcohol as a way to blow off steam. CrossFit had been a much healthier alternative, and the Fire and Ice program has been amazing for my mood, sleep, and mental clarity. It’s a great group and I really enjoy the social aspect of it!


Lost 21 lbs. and 8.6% body fat

Since joining CrossFit Central the results that I have seen have been a combination of cosmetic and performance. I have not lifted heavy since college so I have seen significant increase in my muscle, tone and size. When my diet is on track I see a big difference in my body fat as well.

CrossFit Central has also helped me break through some mental barriers of pushing through things I am not naturally good at. I thought coming into CrossFit I would be one of the top athletes in the gym right away, and that clearly was not the case.

Pushing myself through the daily workouts has been great in just enjoying my daily progress. I used to workout purely for cosmetic reasons but with CrossFit I am able to track my strength gains and become healthier in general. I look forward to working out each day and the community has been fantastic as well for building friendships.