My primary activity prior to joining CrossFit had been swimming, but I had noticed that I was making a lot of excuses not to go. My wife and I live in the neighborhood, and we had noticed the music and commotion coming out of the gym, so one day I stopped to see what was going on. I didn't intend to sign up, but a very nice woman, I think her name was Christine, showed me around and convinced me to sign my wife and myself up for an introductory class. We enjoyed it so much that we signed up as regular members.

When I started CrossFit I could not get more than half-way into a squat. After a short time at CrossFit I was able to get into full squat. Unfortunately, I then went through a period of repeated back injuries and weight gain, so all of these problems began to return even though I was exercising regularly (a long sad story in and of itself). Only when I started seeing Jess for private sessions was I able to kind of get back to where I wanted to be.


In particular, she gave me a series of exercises that strengthened my glutes and quads. That seemed to help a lot, and it encouraged me to cut back on the amount I was eating and to make a stronger effort at the gym. Also, if I do my morning exercises before class, I am more warmed up and more able to do the workout.

To be honest, I don't feel so different these days. Life has a lot of ups and downs, and CrossFit has mostly been an upper for me. I enjoy being around people with a positive vibe. Right now I am more fit than I have been in years, but as you may have noticed, things can turn on a dime.

Lost 21.4 lbs, 3.3% Body Fat and 12.75 inches

Physically, I am not exactly a great specimen, but I have noticed that I have a much greater range of motion, joint pain is now minimal, and my arthritis seems to have disappeared. I can even snap my fingers! My weight is down, and I seem to have muscles that I didn't know I had.


As far as mental barriers go, I have been many situations where I thought, "If I can do this, I can do anything."  By the time I started CrossFit I had already figured that part out, although CrossFit certainly helped.

I have to admit that losing a bit of weight has gone a long way towards getting my wife off my back. So hard to hold the moral high ground when you can't pick up a penny. Otherwise, I have mostly the same good relationships that I have always had.