Being new to the Austin area, but not new to CrossFit, I didn’t really know anyone and choose to drop into CrossFit Central. The teamwork and group elements of the workout sessions make you feel accountable to others. That along with the social element really encompasses a community atmosphere. I've found nothing but encouragement from everyone I've met at CrossFit Central, especially in the Woman's Only Class. Both Lisa and Megan have made me feel empowered with no pressure on “lifting heavy” but more on individuality, which is not something I've encountered at other CrossFit gyms.

Prior to joining CrossFit Central I was working through a very difficult family crisis and the day to day hassles began to pile up, causing stress overload and mental barriers. I knew there had to be a turning point to either get better or worse. Fitness has always been a lifestyle for me so working out is where I was able to regain my inner place of calm and healing. I believe fitness fuels your health and mental well being; keeps you young, ages you gracefully and prevents age related diseases caused by a sedentary lifestyle and poor nutritional habits.

Although I'd been going to the gym for years, I hadn't realized that there were some deficiencies in my techniques. We do exercises and movements that target muscle groups I had never used before and have been able to see a lot more of my capabilities (my progression to strict pull-ups, building endurance with the assault bike, etc.).

My first impression of CrossFit Central was that I was a little intimidated but anxious and excited at the same time. I enjoy trying new things and I knew CrossFit was going to be a good fit for me. I don’t think my first impression has changed at all except for being intimidated. I find myself looking forward to each workout even if they are movements I’m not entirely good at or fond of!

Realizing how important it is for me to set goals in the gym has now transferred over into my personal life as well. Whether it be in the gym or daily life, I am a work in progress finding balance and acceptance in that. I also thank my son Joshua for being my biggest motivator and cheerleader. I know he is so proud of me and that makes me feel good. I love what CrossFit has done for our relationship and it is my main goal to set a good example for him and to have him recognize my commitment to wellness both physically and mentally.