I have been an athlete my whole life but lost the motivation after college. Every once in awhile I would go for a run or play a pick up soccer game or take a fitness class, but never had a consistent work-out routine. I also worked 3 jobs at once, so I never really had time for anything. Physically, I was thick and always had a lot of muscle mass, but it was not toned so it just felt heavy on my body. Mentally, I was exhausted from jumping around to each job then trying to find time to hang out with family and friends. Emotionally, I ate my feelings because I was always on the run and upset that I never had time to just do something for me. I hid behind my food when life got hard.


The family I used to Nanny for, 3 years ago, did CrossFit. When watching them, I thought it was a workout that would eventually get me hurt, like all the horror stories I have heard. Then, I saw a co-worker of mine, now friend, who had been doing CrossFit for over 5 years. She worked outside and always had so much energy, plus was always happy! I asked her what her secret was, and she told me that her family was into CrossFit. She invited me to a workout, introduced me to the class at my first WOD, and worked out with me so I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. It went so well that I signed up that day!

Since joining CrossFit Central I feel so strong, mentally and physically. Mentally, I am so confident in myself, from how I present myself in public to my skill during the workouts. Physically, I shock myself with how much I am capable of lifting and how it helps me at my job. My body feels like a piece of art work. I work on it a little each day and it slowly transforms to what I have pictured in my mind. I never want to go back to feeling heavy. I want to continue feeling in control of how my muscles grow and shape my body. CrossFit Central has also taught me the proper way to eat meals. I have learned what foods work with my body for energy and for extra strength. I am constantly learning at CrossFit Central.

My experience at Central has also given me the confidence to talk to people I never thought of approaching before, and to talk about health with those around me. I want to show them that they are capable of doing it as well. CrossFit also helps me release from my life. It is a place I can go without judgement. My coaches always support me during the workouts by thoroughly explaining each movement. CrossFit Central isn’t just a gym, it is a connection with others that understand that life is more fun when you challenge yourself. Each workout you attend you meet more like minded people and you realize how much you are capable of, and how much more you want to achieve! CrossFit has shown me that life is what you make it.