Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

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by Lauryn Lax

Name: Stephanie Pedraza
Age: 39
Career: Sonographer at Women’s Partners in Health

Like most people who find CrossFit, Stephanie Pedraza’s life took a complete 180-degree turn change (for the better) when she stumbled through the doors of CrossFit Central in August 2017.

And like many folks who find that “age” catches up with them, Stephanie was hungry to not let age be the excuse as to why her body and metabolism were experiencing changes out of her control.

“I was always pretty lean my whole life without ever having to try hard. But, I noticed as I was getting older my body was changing and I was starting to gain weight (without trying),” Stephanie said. Adding, “[As a busy mom to two children], my life also completely revolved around my kids,” she said.

Stephanie found it was easy to often let her own health and needs go in light of doing it all.


Enter: CrossFit Central Burnet Road.

“Where do I begin?! I’ve done a complete 180 on my habits! I’m eating healthy, consistently exercising, journaling, and most importantly carving out time for myself,” Stephanie said.

Since August, Stephanie has lost 30 pounds, and shed 16% body fat (down to 13% from 29%).


The best part? No starvation or chronic cardio necessary.

“I feel strong and nimble—like a kid again—when I’m in the gym,” Stephanie said glowing.

Simple shifts in re-prioritizing time and her training—for herself—have paved the way for her success. Most days of the week, her morning routine is what sets the tone for feeling good—all day long. Before the sun comes up, Stephanie is already on top of her health game:

Stephanie’s Morning Routine

Wake up at 4:45 am

Take care of the dogs

Gym at 5:30 am

Home to shower, pack food, and get the kids off to school

Arrive to work at the clinic by 8 am

As for her meals, Stephanie admits she would not be where she is today without balanced meals throughout the day.

“I eat all meals and snacks on a schedule,” she said, adding: “I typically eat eggs for breakfast. I round out each meal and snack with a protein, carb, and a fat, and I consistently eat vegetables now.”

Her secret sauce?

“I try to always include greens in my meals,” she said.

With all the success she’s experienced to date, what’s next for the woman-on-a-mission?

“[My goals are simple]: To continue to maintain a life balance and get stronger in the gym…And, my kip and breath work (Wim Hof method) is something I am constantly working on with Coach Carey,” she said.

Stephanie’s advice for others on a mission for a lifestyle?

“Making healthy choices is a lifestyle change not a short term goal,” Stephanie said, encouraging us all that consistency will pay off no matter what our goals.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Get to Know Stephanie Pedraza: Fun Facts

Q. What are 3 things we probably wouldn’t know about you?


1.) I raised a Brangus heifer while I was in 4-H and her name was Moo Moo

2.) I didn’t exercise at all before I started CrossFit

3.) My dream is to live out in the country and own a herd of either sheep or goats

Q. Favorite thing to do in Austin?

A. I like to enjoy the natural spaces that are so close to us, Bull Creek, Mount Bonnell, Pedernales Falls, Barton Springs, and anywhere on the Green Belt.

Q. If we were to come to dinner at your house, what would you cook us?

A. I’d probably make you a salad

Q. What have been a few mentionable inspirational moments in your life?

A. A few come to mind…

1.) When I was a teenager my parents, the veterinarian, and I, helped our mare deliver her foal. It was a really cool experience to share with my mom and dad, I felt really bonded to them when we worked as a team.

2.) The day I gave birth to my two beautiful children, I am still completely humbled and amazed that I have been given the opportunity to be their mother.

3.) A more recent experience was when I was invited to attend a Women’s retreat hosted by Carey Kepler in September 2017. Carey has an enormous fire within, on that retreat I captured an ember and was then able to ignite my own fire. Carey Kepler and CrossFit Central have had a profound impact on my health and well being. This allows me to be my best self and in turn give my best to others.