No matter what state of health you’re in, and no matter what you want to improve, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) exercise can help. PEMF is a relaxing, non-invasive, and drug-free therapy that can help you reach your body’s full potential.

The Benefits of PEMF
Improve Joint and Bone Health
Improved Brain Function
Improve Sleep
Increased Energy
Stimulate Your Immune System
Speed Recovery
Reduce Stress
Long Term Pain Relief
Optimal Wellness


Regular Price: $85 per Session

Your Price with this Limited Time Offer:
3 Sessions for $99!

*limited to one time use

Check out Jonie’s story on how PEMF has helped her with injuries, pain reduction, inflammation and overall wellness.


Imagine your body as a battery — daily stressors slowly drain your body of its energy to function optimally. By the end of the day, you’re mentally, physically, and emotionally depleted. That’s where PEMF technology comes in! PEMF is like re-energizing your internal battery. To function optimally the energy needs to be restored. Research and overwhelming anecdotal evidence confirms using Pulse technology will truly enhance your energy.


See what others are saying about PEMF!

“I had injured my L5 Sacrum area 14 months prior to using PEMF. The pain would wake me from my sleep. It was hard to sit on the floor, and uncomfortable to stand for more than a couple minutes. It pretty much hurt all the time. I could not deadlift from the floor and had to use light weight. Backsquating was non existent or just with the bar. I started using PEMF 3 times per week for 30 minute sessions. By week 4, my lower back pain was beginning to subside and by the 5th week, the pain was gone. I enjoy the peace of mind knowing that I am increasing good oxydenated blood flow to my entire body, that I am helping heavy metals be eliminated from my body, and that PEMF is enhancing my body's natural healing process!” Courtney

“PEMF seems to stimulate and invigorate the areas where I have the most tightness and pain. The healing process seems to speed up and I feel much better the next day and usually have less pain is gone in the affected area. I recommend giving the PEMF a try.” Lucian

“I was experiencing pain and limited mobility in my right shoulder for months. I tried everything to alleviate it - deep tissue massage, mobility exercises, PT and nothing worked. I would have temporary relief but the pain would creep back within 24-48 hours. I finally went to see an orthopedic surgeon who told me that this will more than likely just be the way my should would function for the rest of my life. He told me that I would need to learn to deal with the limited mobility and pain, and that stretching daily might help. I knew there had to be another answer. My friend told me about PEMF and I decided to give it a shot. After one session I regained mobility. After consistently implementing PEMF the pain subsided and full range of motion was restored. I was shocked! The pain has never returned. Now I continue to use PEMF as a tool for cellular health and longevity. I love it!” Nicole

“I was introduced to PEMF in June 2018. I had surgery earlier that year and was doing everything I could to recover well. Over time, I have appreciated how PEMF helps recovery/decrease soreness, helps relieve pain, and increase feeling calm. I have been able to work out more frequently due to improved recovery, have stopped getting cortisone shots due to improvement in pain, and generally feel better.” Michelle


Do I need to be a CrossFit Central member to do PEMF?
No! Our PEMF services can benefit everyone, and are open to anyone. You do not need to be a member of the gym.

What does it feel like?
It is a pulsing sensation! We can assure you that you will leave feeling better than when you arrived.

How often should I do PEMF?
Our recommendation is to do PEMF twice a week, every week as a part of your regular wellness regimen. Once we get to know you a little more we will guide you on what is the best schedule for your body.