Teo Ledesma is a bilingual CrossFit level 1 certified and has beenCrossFitting since 2010. He has multiple Certifications in movement and in athlete performance. Teo has been involved in sports his entire life including cross country running/ track, baseball, football, soccer, cycling, and BMX. He graduated from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas where he earned Criminal justice degree in 2014. Teo has also completed an extensive amount of marathons ultra marathons and road races across the United States and brings a very strong blend of experiences and skill sets to his athletes. Teo is an elements coach and has vast experience with beginner clients. As well as head instructor of the Advanced Athlete program at Crossfit Central Downtown One of Teo’s greatest attributes is his ability to connect with people from all walks of life. Coach Ledesma is available for one-on-one training as well as group training and health/performance individualized programs.


Crossfit Level 1
Mobility certification under Dr. Roop Sihora who works with Kelly Starrett
Strong man certification under Rob Orlando
Freestyle connection certification under Carl paoli
Facial Movement Taping under Dr. Steven Capobianco
Kettle bell certification under Jeff Martone
Underground strength course under Zack Even-esh
Endurance certification under Valerie Hunt
Striking course under Tony Blauer

Camps Attended:

Outlaw Camp @ Crossfit central (Austin, Texas) – Athlete performance
Cell Camp @ Crossfit mayhem (Cookeville, Tennessee) – Athlete performance
Optimizing Athleticism . Health and Performance Solution 2015 and 2016 @ train adapt
Evolve (Austin, Texas) – Athlete performance

Q & A with Coach Teo

Three things an athlete can do to immediately improve their performance or their life?

#1 Get Quality sleep -> 8 hours at least

#2 Manage Stress -> work, girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/kids/training/life

#3 Enjoy the little moments in Training -> As you become a more experienced athlete, PRs don’t come regularly. So if you chase PRs you will have more miserable training days than good. And little moments/wins happen daily. Just waking up and feeling good and training should be a win.

What is a habit or daily routine of yours that positively impacts your day?

I don’t watch or listen to the news, commercials, advertisements. I look up at the sky for rain and I rely on my senses as much as possible.

Favorite book, movie, and/or podcast? 

Book: The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge
Movie: The Last samurai, Without Limits, The Count of Monte Cristo
Podcast: These are my Jam! Lewis Howes, Tim Ferris, Mike Robertson, Joe Rogan

When you’re not coaching, what are you doing? Favorite activities?

Unplugged from the inter webs enjoying life and nature with my wife, family and friends.

Current goals?

1. Raise my child to the best of my experiences and knowledge
2. Provide my family with the highest quality of food and information
3. Continue providing humans with opportunity to change their lives and find happiness