CrossFit is the first sport I’ve ever joined. People look at me and think I’ve been athletic my whole life. That’s not true. Before CrossFit I participated in pageants!!! Crazy, right?! I competed in art; drawing. I also did competitive writing. I’m pretty good with pen and paper. 

I was introduced to CrossFit the summer of 2013 right after graduating from Texas A&M Kingsville. I attended a morning class and was immediately hooked. I went back that same day for an afternoon workout. CrossFit was a huge challenge for me. I weighed about 140lbs (I’m 5’11) and could barely handle working with the PVC pipe. I was awful at every movement. That’s why I fell in love with it. I love being bad at stuff. It means there’s room to grow!! 

A few months in to CrossFit I overheard the box owners talking. They mentioned they needed someone to fill the desk position. I chimed I’m with, “Please hire me!” I really needed a job. I was a jobless graduate. The more time I spent at the box the more invested I became. I wanted to be good at everything and help others be the best version of themselves. I would voluntarily shadow the coaches; it felt natural to do so. I got my L1 shortly after and started coaching. Being able to help others accomplish their personal goals is an amazing feeling. 

Certifications: Level 2, AED, First Aid, CPR, 

What do you love about living a fit lifestyle?

It gives me the opportunity to inspire others to become a better version of themselves.

Favorite movement and/or workout?

Hang power cleans are my jam! My favorite workout is D.T. —barbell cycling is my strength.

Favorite meal, snack or favorite thing to eat?

Any and all Breakfast food!

Favorite Artist/song?

My music choice depends on how savage I’m feeling that day. I love Taylor Swift; diehard fan. I can also throw down to Tupac.

Favorite quote?

“You have to be colder than the cold.” & “Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready” these are equally my favorite. I’m not sure where I heard these but they’ve stuck with me.

Best piece of advise you've received in the last decade?

Smile more!! It’s cheesy but I’ve learned smiling can change the energy in the room and turn a negative mood into a positive one.

Most valuable lesson learned in the last decade?

Put gas in the car as soon as the gaslight turns on. It took me a while to learn this one. Ive been stranded a few times.