Until 4 years ago West Tennessee was home to me. Growing up in a busy household of 5 children, sports and the outdoors were a huge part of my life. 

In 2015 I moved to Austin, TX to attend The University of Texas at Austin. Hook em!!  I craved the sense of community and commitment that my sports teams and tight knit family had provided me all my life. CrossFit Central grabbed my attention when I started attending the Women's Only classes. I fell even more in love with CrossFit when I experienced the sense of worldwide community within the sport when I moved to Sydney, Australia for 6 months last year. No matter where you live or travel there is a box waiting to workout with you but more importantly to get to know you and grow with you. In Austin, CrossFit Central is that box for me. 

In December 2019 I will graduate from UT Austin with a bachelors in Public Health eager to change the world with preventative measures, holistic health and population health at the forefront of my mind."